SEO Tips
Image by EstudioWebDoce from Pixabay 

Search Engine likes SEO friendly quality content. Remember that keyword plays important role in Seo friendly quality content. Meaningful heading, good use of keyword with h1, h2, h3 heading. Use your keyword with the alt text of your image. You should put at least one interlink to make perfect SEO friendly quality content. Your post should be 350+ words long. If you use your keyword properly then you can beat any competitor by using SEO friendly quality content tips.

Proper Heading makes Perfect SEO friendly quality content

Heading displays description in search engine results. If you have to write quality and meaningful heading then you can attract thousands of organic traffic from search engines. Search Engine Optimization is an art and Heading plays an important role.

Importance  of h1, h2, h3 Headings in SEO friendly quality content

H1, h2, h3 headlines are keys to search engine optimization and Seo friendly quality Content. If you want to improve your search engine visibility then you should use these headlines at least one time in your post. Use your main keyword with these headings to make it useful for Seo friendly quality content. Remember without your main keyword h1, h2, h3 headings will be useless to boost your search engines’ organic traffic.

Internal link, Images also makes your post 100% SEO friendly quality content

  • Image with alt text:- To make your post 100% SEO friendly quality content you must use at least one image in your post with alt text. Make sure to put your main keyword in alt text in your image. Well, search engine optimized images can increase your organic traffic coming from Google image search engine.
  • Internal Link:- Actually internal link redirects your reader to another post on your website or blog. This is how you can decrease your bounce rate. If your bounce rate is high then you can be a victim and can lose a good amount of traffic with the recent Google panda effect.

Read twice and make your post 100% SEO FRIENDLY QUALITY CONTENT.