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In this article, I will explain to you some tips to get an Approved AdSense Account. As per research, thousands of brand new domains are registering per day. All new webmasters want to get instant benefits from Google Adsense to earn money online. Their most common question is…

Google AdSense Publisher Account

1. How to get an approved AdSense account?

2. What are the criteria to get an approved AdSense account?

3. Why Adsense team is rejecting my application every time?

4. What are the steps to get AdSense account approval?

Don’t worry about rejection and just follow as I explained here.

Use own top-level domain to get Approved Adsense Account

For Adsense Publisher Account you must have top-level domains like .com, .net, .org, etc. Note that the subdomain will not be considered for adsense account approval. You can apply the free Blogspot domain too. I personally recommend you buy a top-level domain for one year to get AdSense account approval successfully.

Your Website should be SEO friendly to easily Approved Adsense Account

  1. Search Engine Optimize Script:- Script selection is a key factor for success. Most common AdSense publisher uses blog script. You can use the BlogSpot blogger script to get AdSense account approval easily. WordPress is also another great option. 
  2. SEO-friendly Content:- Your website should have well search engine optimized content. Note that Quantity is not quality. If you have only 15 to 20 SEO-friendly quality posts on your website then you can apply and can get an approved AdSense account.

Your domain age should be 6 months older & the website must have global traffic to get Approved Adsense Account easily.

Your website must be 6 months older for applicable for Adsense Account. If you have a website that is famous only in your village or city then you can not be applicable for a google AdSense publisher account. In short, your website should have enough global traffic. Suppose nobody will visit your site then who will click on ads and how you will earn from AdSense? So your website should be visited by at least 250+ unique visitors to get easily into Google Adsense.

Use True Details to apply Google Adsense Publisher Account

For easy and fastest approval you must use correct and true details about your payee name, address, email address, and other important details. Remember you can’t make Google fool who is a giant in the web world.

Now if your blog, website, or forum has the above points then you will easily get an Approved AdSense Account. You can write comments if I forget anything.