Time wasted that you enjoy is not time wasted. – Marthe Troly-Curtin 

How? Do you agree with the wise words above?

For myself, I half agree, half don’t. Why? Because not all the time we enjoy is a useful time. For example, playing games. Is the time spent playing games worthwhile? Certain. That useless is when someone plays games and forgets time, forgets to eat, forgets taking a shower, forgetting to do one’s duty, and so on. 

So that’s one example. It’s the same with blogging, especially in terms of writing articles. Maybe you already know, that usually writing 1 article takes a lot of time long, up to 3 hours, depending on the type of article. Within these 3 hours, maybe other activities like bathing and studying will become disturbed. Now, this is where the importance of writing articles in a fast manner, so that other activities can also be done you run without the need to interfere with your blogging activities. Keep in mind, this also depends on the type of article. For example, an article contains the usual 1000 words completed within 2 to 3 hours is unlikely to be completed in less time than half an hour. Then how to write an article for a faster time? Please take a look.

1. Finding an Idea for Article Materials:

This is the first step to creating an article, determining an idea. Without ideas, the articles that you make will be difficult to finish, even impossible. Why? Just imagine, because an idea is a very first step if only the first step it’s gone, can you still continue to the next step? So, if you feel confused because you experience something called writer’s block or need important points for your article, just read other blog articles. Conclusion It turns out, besides writing articles that are good in the eyes of readers, you should also write articles at high speed, the reasons are already above. Just like riding a motorcycle, the faster, the more exciting. Then how to find ideas for article material? There are several, I recommend reading articles on other blogs with a niche of a kind. Why should it be the same? So that the articles that you make later do not go off track. 

2. Define the Important Points in the Article:

Must? It doesn’t have to be, but if you want it to be completed faster, it should be applied. For example, I want to make an article about how to lower Alexa Rank. So I made the key points, the first is writing quality articles, update with the schedule regular, blog walking, multiply visitors, and so on. How? Do you understand what I mean above? Oh yeah, do these tips right after you’ve decided on your article posting ideas. Why? So that your concentration doesn’t get distracted. Because if you do it at the same time as writing the article content, the concentration should be focusing on the search for the main point of the article was distracted because it had to be mixed with constraints on another. For simplicity’s sake, just write down your article points in Microsoft Word or Notepad. 

3. Eliminate all Existing Distractions:

Focus, is something that is really needed if you want to write articles in a long time short. Not only in writing articles, in other areas, but the focus is also definitely needed. What for? To speed up the duration, and to increase the quality. For me, writing articles is the same as watching movies, listening to songs, opening Facebook, playing games, and so on is a very unsuitable thing if done simultaneously. This happens a lot to me, so when I want to write, I always turn the music on my computer or cellphone. Do not let hours of the original purpose of writing articles get results that are not optimal just because you are busy opening Facebook. The tabs that you need to keep are tabs whose contents are related to articles that you write, for example, articles that contain your article material. 

4. Don’t Edit Too Much:

Maybe some of the bloggers have thought that the writing he wrote was still felt unpleasant in the eyes of the reader. Naturally, because everyone has different judgments, it’s not necessarily good in the eyes of A good in the eyes of the B. If in the case of blogging maybe like this, feel good in the eyes of bloggers who still at the same level, but still not good in the eyes of experienced bloggers. So what does it have to do with editing? Too much to think about whether my writing is good or unable to make the writing that we make take longer to complete. Because of what? Because they were gradually deleted after they were deleted they were replaced with sentences that felt better, still not good, change again, and so on. It is true that good writing is writing that is easy to read, but necessary keep in mind is not to edit too much. It’s not certain that the writing that has been written before is worse than the new one, who knows this opinion arises only because of doubt. Better to just edit it later, once the article is finished and ready to preview. 

5. Read Articles From Other Blogs: 

This is also very important. Make sure to read articles on the same topic as the article you are writing. The goal is to prevent writer’s block, these symptoms themselves can create a lot of time was wasted without producing effective results. In addition, the ideas and points of articles that I have written before can also be facilitated by reading articles from other blogs. The important thing is not to copy and paste. Looking for inspiration from other articles is clearly different from copy and paste. Because if copy paste only changes a little of the overall writing taken, while looking for inspiration only takes an important part. So, if you’re feeling confused about experiencing writer’s block or need important points for your article, just read another blog article.


As it turns out, in addition to writing good articles in the eyes of readers, you should also write articles at high speed, the reason is already above. Just like riding a motorcycle, the faster, the more fun it gets.