Talking about the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Riya Chakraborty talked about a painting. According to Riya, Sushant started behaving abnormally after he saw a painting during his trip to Europe. In the painting, Shani (Hindu God, Saturn) was eating his own newborn son. It’s really a very disturbing piece of art. Of course, there are other paintings that distract the viewer. After seeing such pictures, people start talking about ghosts and spirits. 
Let’s talk about some of the most horrible paintings from around the world:

1. The Rain Woman:

Ukrainian artist Svetlana Teletz has created many pictures. Many of her paintings were also very popular. This Picture from “The Rain Woman” shows a woman in the middle of the rain. There is also a hint of light green between black and white. It is said that Svetlana made this picture in just five hours.

Svetlana said she had the experience of holding someone’s hand while making a picture. Many people bought this painting for a hefty price, but it would have been returned in a few hours or a few days. People who bought the painting used to say that there was sadness in the house as soon as they put the artwork in the room. The buyers also said that the family members could not sleep and started seeing things like ghosts.

2. Love Letter Replica:

A painting called Love Letter also scares people. It shows a lovely girl holding a rose in one hand and an envelope in the other. The girl with golden hair looks about four to five years old. There is a true story behind the picture of the girl. Samantha Houston, a four-year-old girl, was the daughter of a U.S. senator who was hit by a ladder and died at the hospital. His painting was made and exhibited in 1998, but had to be removed in a hurry.

According to the observers, even if you look at the painting for 1 minute, the expression on the girl’s face changes. Many people said that after seeing the painting, they saw a girl like her playing.

3. The Stagecraft:

Artist Laura P’s painting The Stagecraft is also in the same category. The painting was created by an artist inspired by a photographer. However, after looking at the painting, the photographer said that there was no one near the car in his picture. It was true. Here Laura herself said that she did not make any man in the painting. However, the painting shows a man standing near the car. 

Laura kept the painting in an office, but there was constant disturbance. Documents began to disappear. The painting was bought by other people and taken home, but their plight began. People began to see people without throats moving around. Eventually this painting had to be burned.

4. Crying Boy

Italian artist Bruno Amedio toured the orphanage many times and witnessed the suffering of the children there. Similarly, Bruno made a picture of 65 crying children. This is about World War II. Millions of children had reached the orphanage at an early age and did not even understand each other’s language. The children’s paintings were later put on display and some of them were sold. One of the paintings was named The Crying Boy. It was later seen as one of Britain’s most unfortunate paintings.

A very strange thing happened to the person who kept this picture. Especially where there were prints of paintings, there used to be fires. Fires are reported in 50 places across the UK. The artist is said to have lit a match in front of the children to make them cry while painting.

5. The Anguished Man:

Similarly, a painting called The Anguished Man is also called the most frightening and terrifying painting in the world. No one knows who made it, but the artist made it with his own blood or the blood of someone else. A man named Sean Robinson found the painting in his dead grandmother’s drawer. As soon as I saw this, accidents started happening on the scene.

He kept hearing voices, seeing unfamiliar faces in the empty house. Many people tried to find out the secret but something terrible happened to all of them which caused them to back off. Sean decided not to sell the painting to anyone and hid it in an unknown location. Although its prints can be seen on the internet, but they are safe, only the original painting was found to cause problems.