With so much competition emerging in the world of blogging. What are you going to do to attract readers to visit your blog? 

Maybe you’re thinking about attractive and well-viewed designs, complete and readable content, the use of social media as a means of promotion, etc. Do you think some hi is enough? if in my opinion, definitely not yet. 

There’s one thing you should pay attention to, which is the selection of the right article title. 

The title of the article is the first thing your visitors will see, especially visitors who are new when looking for information. 

Just imagine, when someone is typing a keyword to search for an article about blogging tips on Google, of the many references that exist, what do you think he or she will choose based on what? is it design or maybe content? 

Definitely not, the first one he saw was the title of the article. 

Nowadays, a lot of people choose to search for information in a simple way, and one way is to use Google. There, the content and design of a blog will not appear in the search results, which looks only at the title and description of the article. 

Errors in writing article titles can make words you’ve hard-earned writing in your content less useful because few want to click on them. 

Due to the small number of readers, your blog pageview will automatically decrease, and it is one indication to search engines that your blog content is not liked by visitors, which of course is not good for your blog. 

If you want to know how to write an article title that is able to attract visitors, please check out 6 tips for writing the title of this article:

1. Clear and Easy to Understand

Clear and easy to understand. These 2 things you should pay attention to when you want to create a blog title.

You should be able to create an article title that can make the reader instantly understand what you want to say through your content when he or she has just seen it.

One of the reasons visitors want to visit and read an article is because it needs it.

With a clear and easy-to-understand title, you can attract visitors who are in need of that information to your blog. The way is to craft the wording until it becomes an easy-to-understand article title.

For example, you want to create an article about blogging tips about writing articles that focus on WordPress, not Bloggers, Drupal, etc. Then, the title you should use is “Tips for Writing Good and Interesting Articles in WordPress”.

By looking at the title above, visitors will surely soon know what content the author wants to convey.

2. Make It As Unique As Possible

Creating a unique article title is certainly a positive value for a blog. With this unique article title, your visitors will think that the articles on your blog are different from others. 

A blog especially a blog that is not yet popular will be difficult to get visitors when the title of the article on his blog only follows the title of the article that other bloggers are used to.

Why am I writing a blog that’s not yet popular? because it uses the same title and is widely used by other bloggers, when unpopular blog articles are juxtaposed with articles from popular blogs, then automatically visitors will be suggested to choose a blog that is already popular because, in his mind, a popular blog will surely present more complete information. 

However, the suggestion is that you can change it by creating a unique and different title. 

Looking at different titles, especially more interesting differences, visitors will also think that blogs whose titles are more interesting have more information-rich articles.

3. Use Interesting Words

To create a unique article title, you need one or more words capable of doing so. 

The words I mean here are words that can increase the reader’s interest in opening your article. It can also be said to complement the title of the article. 

Take an example of the existing article title I’m using today, “6 Easy Ways to Write Article Titles That Are Able to Attract Visitors”. Here I use the words “easy”, “able”,  “attract”, and “visitors” to make this article more interesting in order to get more readers. 

When not optimized, the title of this article was originally “6 Ways to Write Blog Article Titles”. 

The question is, which is more interesting? the first title or the second? Please choose your own.

4. Use you, you, and you

Using one of the three words above is useful for improving the approach between you as a blogger and your readers. 

With the above words, visitors will feel called by you to immediately open the article in question. Which of course will be very rewarding for your blog as it can improve pageview.

Of the three words above, you just have to choose one of them, not all of them, instead of risking existing visitors just make the blog title messed up. 

I myself prefer to use the word “you guys” because I think the impression is not very formal and not very relaxed. 

Example: “6 Easy Ways You Can Create Interesting Article Titles”

5. Pay Attention to Keywords

The title of the article is one of the most important factors in SEO. 

Therefore, do not let the title of the article you use be quiet visitors because you forgot to pay attention to the keyword. 

The title of an article containing the right keyword can improve an article’s ranking and make it get more clicked. 

When I searched for some references to article title writing tips, I found some blogs that suggested using short or short titles with the aim of getting more varied results. 

Whether true or not, obviously I prefer to make a fairly long article title or term it “Long Tail Keywords” 

Because I think it’s free too if the article makes it into Google’s top 10 ranks, but it only gets a few clicks because of the short title. 

Now just compare it. 

“How to Write Article Titles” compared to “6 Easy Ways to Write Article Titles That Are Able to Attract Visitors” 

Which one do you think attracts more visitors? if I think it’s the second one. The second title also has all the keywords that the first title has, which means the second title also has good potential in search engines.

6. Use Numbers

Adding numbers to the title of an article can make it more specific that visitors need. 

Numbers can also make the title of your article more promising. What does it mean to be promising? by using numbers, you won’t disappoint your visitors because of articles that may be incomplete. Visitors will instantly know how complete your article is just by looking at the title without bothering to open it. 

For me, using numbers is better than using the word “multiple”. Why? because in my opinion, the word “some” means a little more, like 2 or 3. Unlike numbers that can include a number within a very wide range. 

As I used in this article. I use the number 6 to tell visitors that I give 6 tips.