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Table of Content (toc)

What is Law? Why is the study of Law Important in Nepal?

Law can be defined as a set of rules recognized by a particular state or community as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by imposing penalties. It shapes politics, economy and society in a variety of ways. Law is the means to justice. In the absence of law, Society would turn chaotic and anarchical where peace and harmony cannot be enjoyed.

The term law is derived from old Teutonic root lag which means definite. Thus, the law is something that is uniform or fixed. There are different naming of law in different societies i.e,

  • Dharma-Hindu system
  • Hukum-Islamic system
  • Droit-French
  • Richt-German
  • Vidhi-Sanskrit

Many students in Nepal are drawn to the study of law, and many students aspire to be lawyers. In the past, there was less competition in the law entrance examination, but nowadays, many students choose law as a career. As a result, competition for entry into the legal profession is increasing. As a result, students must concentrate on the Tribhuvan University syllabus.

5 years BALLB is one of the prestigious course. 

There are 3 colleges that Offer B.A.LL.B Programs of TU:

  1. Nepal Law Campus(Kathmandu)
  2. Prithivi Narayan Campus (Pokhara)
  3. National Law College.

Many students don’t know about the syllabus for the entrance examination. More than that you have to be updated on current affairs. There are altogether seven chapters that you need to learn to crack the entrance examination.

Contents For B.A.L.L.B Entrance Test (TU)

  1. Introduction to law and kinds of law
  2. Importance and Role of Law in Society
  3. Sources of Law
  4. General Introduction to Rights and Duties
  5. Person: Kinds of Person i.e legal and natural
  6. General Introduction to the constitution
  7. Fundamental Rights under the constitution of Nepal

Model of  B.A.LL.B Entrance Examination in Nepal:

S.N Questions Marks Time Remarks
1. Objective 30x1=30 30 min. MCQs
2. Subjective a.long 1x20=20 2.30 hours Knowledge of law
b. short 3x10=30 2.30 hours Knowledge of law
c. Creative writing 1 x20=20 2.30 hours English writing test

 Some Other Universities which offers B.A.LL.B Programs:

1.Purwanchal University:

There are three colleges under PU

a. Kathmandu School of Law(KSL)

b. Chakrabarti Habi Education Academy(College of Law)

c. Bright Vision Law College(Biratnagar)

2.Kathmandu University:

Kathmandu university school of law, located at Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok has started BBM.LL.B

 Course from 2014.

3. Mid Western University:

located at Surkhet, Birendranagar and started from 2018

4. Lumbini Buddha University:

LBU has started B.A.LL. B in 2019 in Butwal.

Objectives of The Program

The main objectives of this programme are;

  1. To produce human resource equipped with the necessary skill, competency and integrity.
  2. To impart a sense of responsibility towards society, nation and the world.
  3. To produce human resources for respecting human life and values.
  4. To develop a base of legal excellence with international and indigenous understanding.
  5. To promote research and understand insights of the law society.
  6. To prepare competent human resource in the field of law and justice.
  7. To inculcate legal knowledge from a social, cultural and development perspective.

Purpose of Law:

  • To enable the fullest development of the human personality.
  • To render justice.
  • To maintain peace and order in the society.
  • To enable the free movement of individuals in society.
  • To achieve equality.
  • To oblige the citizen and the state to perform their duties.
  • To make possible the maximum happiness of the maximum number.

Importance of Law:

  • It guarantees the life, liberty and property of people.
  • It helps in the settlement of disputes.
  • It promotes justice.
  • It safeguards and protects the interest of the weaker section of society.
  • It promotes peace and order in society.
  • It assists in the proper functioning of society.