Punya Gautam Biography

Punya Gautam is very famous on social media, particularly on YouTube and Facebook. He is surrounded by dozens of YouTubers wherever he goes. He is asked a variety of questions about current events, politics, and history. His approach to answering and explaining questions made him famous on social media. With so many people watching and reacting to the videos featuring him, he is always on the trending section of YouTube. Today, I’ve written biography and some interesting facts about Punya Gautam that you may not know.

Biography of Punya Gautam

Punya Prasad Gautam was born in Nijgadh, Bara, as the youngest son of mother Himadevi and father Rudra Prasad Gautam in 2034 BS. He spent his childhood as a commoner, working in the fields, collecting firewood and grass, and had come to Kathmandu after experiencing the village’s joys and sorrows.


Punya Gautam’s Childhood

Gautam, who has always loved to read, was always first in class. Because he was educated and talented, almost everyone knew him. He was always involved in various school programs, such as reading and answering poems. Similarly, he claims in his speech that he is always the choice of others. Anyone who witnessed the speech would have tied him up like a leader. Perhaps this is why he believes he was born to be a politician. He also claims that he has completed his education up to PhD.

Gautam’s political career began in 2045 BS when he joined the ANNFSU (All Nepal National Free Students’ Union) school unit committee. He had learned to announce programs and give good speeches at a young age.


Why is Punya so Famous?

Gautam’s strength is his extreme political views. He also stated that because he would deliver an excellent speech, everyone would forget about Madan Bhandari. He has previously listened to Madan Bhandari’s speech until Kalaiya. “I remember hearing Bhandari’s speech in a faraway place saying that I have the ability to speak like Madan Bhandari,” he says.

Gautam, who has been involved in politics since childhood, moved to Kathmandu and became more involved. He joined the Maoist People’s War after the party split in 2051 BS. After becoming a revolutionary communist and the central leader of the ML, he eventually joined the UML following party unity.

Gautam is concerned with every subject and has the nature to acquire knowledge. He even claims that he is not behind Gagan Thapa in anything. He says, “I am ready to make any sacrifice for the country and the people in times of need. I don’t think I am inferior to Gagan Thapa.”

Punya’s Reason for Joining UML

He stated that he was inspired to join the UML because he liked the UML’s policy idea. “Integration is very much needed,” he says, “and it is only possible to move forward unitedly to meet the people’s food, shelter, and clothing needs.” He stated that he came to UML after much thought for the welfare of the people. Similarly, he claims that he came to UML because the ideologies of UML and ML are not dissimilar.

Aims of Punya Gautam

Gautam, who has been involved in politics since he was a child, aspires to serve the country and the people selflessly by remaining active in politics throughout his life. He says, “Since politics is the art of living, I will remain dedicated to serving the country and the people through politics for the rest of my life.”

He claims that if the opportunity to become Prime Minister for the sake of the country and the people arises, he will not hesitate. He claims to be capable of doing anything. He claims to be always in the service of the country and the people.

Interests of Punya Gautam

Gautam is interested in both literature and politics. He has received numerous awards for reciting his own poems. He is a big fan of literature. He enjoys reading books by both local and foreign authors. He considers literature to be a part of everyday life. “One side of life cannot be understood apart from literature,” he says.

He enjoys democratic and patriotic songs. He also enjoys the standard fare. His favourite books are those on diplomacy, international relations, and heroic warriors. He enjoys reading biographies of famous people.

Punya Gautam’s Life Events

When his daughter was born, he was overjoyed. Similarly, the deaths of his father, mother, and friends in 2055 BS, while he was imprisoned and subjected to extreme torture, became the saddest moment of his life.