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    W(caps)hile writing an article, there are things that you may often pay attention to. What is that?

    The length of an article. Article length is the major factor for SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

    In writing an article, some bloggers love to write their articles with a very large number of words with the aim that the articles they present have more complete information. Articles like this sometimes make the reader startled and speak to himself like this “It’s not so hard to write this many fingers”.

    On the other hand, some bloggers like practical things or the terms to the point. Bloggers like this usually prefer to write articles with not too many words.

    How many words are needed to enter an article into a long article category? for me, it contains at least 1000 words.

    And a short article? around 300 to 500 words.

    Remember, this is just my opinion, if for you 400 words are quite long, that’s up to you.

    Returning to the topic of discussion, then which one is better between long articles and short articles? the answer may come as a surprise.

    To answer that, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of the articles:

    Long Articles


    Can Explain A Matter in Detail

    With a long article, a problem discussed in an article must have better detail and completeness than a short article.

    This is certainly an advantage for both parties, those who read, and those who write.

    Readers benefit from being satisfied with the articles that have been presented.

    Likewise, the writer will also feel happy when the reader is happy. Why? Happy readers are more likely to comment and share the articles they read earlier.

    I had discovered that learning something, no matter how complex, wasn’t hard when I had a reason to want to know it. – Homer Hickam, Rocket Boys


    More Likely to Get More Quality Comments and Less Spam Comments

    Seeing a long article can usually make a spam commenter change their mind. Remember! usually, not always.

    Really? Yes, usually spam commenters will feel hesitant when they want to give a spam comment in a long article.

    Yes, if there is an article that is less than 1500 words in length, then there are spam commentators who dare to comment like this “Thanks for the info, don’t forget to visit my blog, OK? Comments like that are not deleted immediately.

    Long articles are likely to change the mindset of a spam commenter. He will change his mind, from being able to only provide spam comments to becoming quality commenters.

    As many words are written by the author, many words are written by the commentator.

    Have a better value than competitors

    The first advantage of the long article that I mentioned earlier is that it can explain something in more detail.

    With a detailed article, it must be of very positive value for you as a writer as well as for readers.

    One of the goals of the reader reading an article is to find the information he needs in the article. If the article has more complete information than other article providers, then it is certain that the article has won the competition.

    Then what are the benefits? Looking at an article that is rich in information, there is a high probability that a visitor who has read the article will visit again at another time.

    Good in the Eyes of Search Engines

    Article length for seo

    Because the article is long, the writer has a greater chance to enter more keywords than a short article.

    This can give long articles more value to search engines.

    What you need to remember is not because long articles have a greater chance of entering more keywords, so you just enter them arbitrarily. Make it look natural.

    And search engines really lighten articles that have detailed articles. Now with an article length of more than 1000 words, maybe it can be used as a material to boost the position of an article on search engine pages.


    It takes a longer time

    Creating a long article certainly requires more time and effort.

    To make a 1000-word article, it takes at least 2 hours, not to mention the time when the idea stops flowing, maybe it can take 3 hours more.

    It also depends on the writer, for writers who have experience in writing activities, maybe they can do it in a shorter time.

    Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. – Rodin

    Requires More Information Sources

    heavy information
    Helixitta, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

    Because long articles have a higher level of completeness and detail.

    So, automatically the information it needs is also higher.

    This is done so that the information provided is correct and not careless. Don’t get it, it’s been bothering to write long enough to make your hands feel sore, uh the article he wrote turns out to be incorrect.

    To find the information you can search on Google, you will definitely find it. After the meeting, take some existing information and write it on your blog. But Don’t copy and paste huh.

    Easier to get off track

    What I mean by path here is the topic that is being discussed by an article.

    Making a long article also turns out to require more concentration to be able to make an article with detailed information, but it does not go out of the discussion topic.

    For example, you want to write an article about Alexa Rank with a target of 1000 words so that the information you provide is complete.

    Short question, can you write a 1000 word article without getting off track? The fear is, instead of discussing the Alexa Rank, there are instead discussing Google Page Rank. If it’s still 1 sentence to 1 paragraph it’s still okay.

    Short Articles


    Doesn’t Need Long Time and Easier

    So, here are the main advantages possessed by short articles, it doesn’t take a long time, at most about 1 hour.

    Short articles can save you the time and effort you have.

    Besides only taking a short time, short articles are also easier to write.

    Writing an article requires hard work, the more words you write, the harder you work, conversely, the fewer words you write, the lighter your work will be.

    Even though there are fewer articles written, you must be able to sort out which one is the best to include in your article.

    Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains. – Steve Jobs

    More Frequent Posts

    Because it only takes a short time, short articles have a more frequent posting frequency.

    If you are classified as a very diligent blogger, you might be able to make more than one article a day, which of course is very popular with visitors.

    Good in the Eyes of Search Engines

    search engines
    Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay 

    Yup, you didn’t see wrong.

    Short articles are also liked by visitors. Why? As I said before, that short articles have a very good posting frequency.

    The more articles you have on your blog, the better the search engine ratings will be for your blog.

    Easier to Understand and Takes a Moment to Read

    Articles that are to the point are definitely easier for readers to understand than long articles.

    Someone will find it easier to understand an article if the article is not too long, this is due to the lack of information presented by the article, which will automatically make the brain work lighter.

    Time is money. Readers who have principles like this, of course, prefer short articles to long articles. Because for him time is money. So, the longer he spends his time reading, the less money he will have.

    The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. – Marthe Troly-Curtin, Phrynette Married


    Half-Half Impression

    If there are readers who prefer short articles, then readers who like long articles must also be there.

    Well, when readers who are thirsty for articles earlier find articles on your blog that are short in content.

    What will happen? My prediction is that he will immediately leave your article behind the first time he sees it.

    This is the biggest drawback of short articles. The article seems half-hearted or arguably incomplete.

    Have a Solid Schedule

    Behind the quality below with long articles, of course, short articles have a quantity which is their main advantage.

    Short articles can provide at least one article a day.

    Because of the demands that bloggers who like to write short articles become inconvenient. He was required to at least be able to post every day.

    If you can’t do it, then get ready to accept a decrease in visitors caused by a decrease in loyal visitors.

    Fewer Comments

    With the least amount of discussion that a blogger discusses in his short article, there are also fewer chances of getting comments.

    Why? Because of the small amount of content, readers also have less material to discuss.

    So, Which one is better?

    The answer is relative, depending on who is being asked. Because everyone has a different answer.

    Because the answer is relative, it means that long articles, as well as short articles, are just as good. Shocking indeed, even though we have discussed at length, I don’t know the result is a draw.

    If I’m the one being asked, I prefer long articles, the reasons I have mentioned above.

    A little advice. There are several characteristics that you may have that you can use to choose between long articles and short articles.

    If you are among those who like to be to the point and don’t like to write a lot. Then short articles are your best choice.

    As for those of you who have a lot to write about, then you are the perfect person to write long articles. 

    Comment down if you have any queries…