Task 1

Please record the names of the three ideas you examined

1. the lego toilet

2. The Art Center

3. BTS Dynamite

Task 2

How did this Co-Creation platform make you feel about Lego in general?

There are different types of co-creation opportunities in Lego-like creating content, product ideas, supporting ideas. These activities attract customers more and more. by submitting their ideas customers can also get prizes. which is a plus point. I feel comfortable about lego in general.

Task 3

What type of Co-Creation (collaborating, tinkering, co-designing, submitting) is LEGO using in this platform?

They are using submitting type of co-creation in their platform. Lego organizes events by asking lego design ideas from their customers. Then the customer comes up with ideas, implements their idea, and submits that.

Task 4

What is Lego’s broader strategy? What is the goal of this initiative?

They offer to Join a community of LEGO enthusiasts and practice customer’s creative skills with these fun exercises. Those who Love getting imaginative with LEGO bricks can create cool creations and creativity, enter prize competitions, showcase their proposals for new LEGO Ideas sets and vote for awesome models dreamt up by their fellow fan designers. Thus LOGO implements co-creation into a broader aspect. The goal of this initiative is to attract more and more customers and spread their products worldwide.