Rajesh Hamal: Super Hero Of Nepali Films

Biography of Rajesh Hamal: Rajesh Hamal is a famous actor in Nepal. He was born on June 9, 1964 in Tansen, Palpa. His first and most successful film is “Yug Dekhi Yug Samma”. He has also played a key role in bringing the Nepali film industry to professionalism. Rajesh Hamal has acted in Nepali films for more than two decades. He has received many awards for his contribution to the Nepali film industry. 

Including the National Film Award (1988-2014). Therefore, he is called a superhero. Apart from acting, he has also been involved in social service. She has played the role of a strong woman in the movie ‘Sakuntala’ in an exciting role till now.

Early life

He was born in a prosperous Nepali family. His father was Nepal’s ambassador for some time. Rajesh Hamal completed his schooling from Moscow and his higher education (MA English) from Punjab University in India. He studied at St. Xavier’s School in Nepal till class VIII.

Acting journey

He first entered glamour in 1985 in India’s Fashion Net Magazine and in 1986 in Kathmandu, Nepal. In a year, he has acted in an average of 10-12 films. While in 1994, he had acted in 16 films. He has acted in more than 170 Nepali and one Pakistani film. Among his films, Devta and Basanti are his favorite films. He is considered to be the great hero of Nepali cinema.

Personal life

Rajesh’s love life is also exciting. Although, his name has been associated with many people, He married on the year 2014 with Madhu Bhattarai.


  • Kasam (1993 film)
  • Yugdekhi Yugsamma
  • Basanti
  • JiwanData
  • Deuta
  • Goreto
  • Dhukdhuki
  • Arjun
  • Allare
  • Afanta
  • Dharma (2010)
  • Khandan
  • Chamatkar
  • Adhikar
  • Sannyas
  • Dulahi
  • Hami Teen Bhai
  • Sadak
  • Chattyang
  • Prithivi
  • Aparadh
  • Paribhasha
  • Kavach
  • Sapanako Naulo Sansar
  • Rajniti
  • Ajambari Naata
  • Paley Dai
  • Kina Kina
  • Sapana
  • Tadap
  • Vardan
  • Chhabilal Kanjus Chhaina
  • Dukha
  • Ashirwaad
  • Jangwaj
  • Ko Vanda Ko Kam
  • Pratikshya
  • Sangharsha
  • Batuli
  • Maidan
  • Karan Arjun
  • Karnabir
  • Karma Yoddha
  • Bhagawan Sabaiko
  • Swabhimaan
  • Chor Sipahi
  • Mero Rajesh Dai
  • Bagmati
  • Mukhauta
  • Sakuntala

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