Summary of Never Never Nest by Cedric Mount

“Never Never Nest” is a one act play that highlights the dangers of buying items in installments, a practice that has become increasingly common in today’s society. The play tells the story of a young couple, Jack and Jill, who are newly married and have a small baby. Jack works in an office while Jill stays at home, and Jack yearns for a luxurious lifestyle. When Aunt Jane, who had given the couple a small gift for their marriage, visits their well-furnished home, she is shocked and assumes she must have given them a much larger amount. However, she quickly realizes that Jack and Jill have actually purchased everything in the home through installment plans and do not actually own any of the items.

As the play unfolds, it becomes clear that Jack’s salary of 6 pounds per week is not enough to cover his expenses of 7 pounds per week. This means that Jack and Jill are constantly in debt and only own small parts of the items they have bought, such as one leg of the sofa and the steering wheel of the car. Aunt Jane becomes angry when she discovers the truth and offers to give the couple an additional 10 pounds to help them pay off the full installment of one of their items. Jill ultimately decides to use the money to pay off their baby’s installment plan, much to Jack’s disappointment as he had wanted to use it for the car.

Overall, “Never Never Nest” is a humorous and thought-provoking play that highlights the importance of proper financial management. The play’s central character, Jack, falls into the trap of the “buy now pay later” marketing scheme and ends up in debt as a result. The play serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us that it is important to carefully consider our financial decisions and strive for financial stability in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life.