a red red rose summary
“A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns” Summary Class 11 English

The poem “A Red, Red Rose” was composed by the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns. This is one of the most popular love poems. First published in 1794. This poem explores the phenomenon of love. It constitutes a narrator attempt to express the depth of his love. Since its publication, it has gained a lot of popularity all over the world. 

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Short Summary:

“A Red, Red Rose” as a representative of love – the poet painted a very artistic picture of his deep love. He did this with his intense emotions to reinforce his deep feelings for her. But he promises to return even if he has to travel thousands of miles to win her back. What enchants readers are metaphorical representations of love through natural phenomena of the sea and sun.

The major themes given in the poem are love and separation. They were demonstrated by the poet through the use of natural object metaphors. The poem is concerned mainly with the affection of the speaker for his significant other. He adores her beauty and shares his unconditional and profound love for her. His love is so deep-rooted that, no matter what happens, it will remain forever.

Main Summary:

The “A Red, Red Rose” poem is about the speaker’s lovable feelings for his beautiful beloved. So strong is the speaker’s passion for his beloved. He compares his beloved to June’s fresh red rose and the sweet melody of a tune. His beloved is as exquisite as the red rose and the soft tuned melody. He wants to love his beloved forever, which is why he makes different promises. He wants to be and love her with her until the gang of earthly seas go dry, rocks melt, and human life ends. After a short break, he wants to be with her regardless of whether the ride is ten thousand miles long or long. The speaker devotes his life to his loved one, who is pretty stunning.

We find the speaker in the very first stanza comparing his beloved with lovable things. Here, the love feelings of the speaker for his beloved are so strong.

The speaker compares the stunning, fresh and delicate red rose of June to his beloved one. Next, the speaker contrasts his beloved with a sweet melody that is played in tune with sweetness.

The speaker praises her beauty in the second stanza and also makes very lovable pledges linked to his love for her. He is in deep love with her, according to the speaker, because she is very beautiful. He adds that he’s going to love her until the entire sea on this planet dry.

Even in the third stanza, the speaker’s vow keeps going. He vows to love his beloved until the rocks of this world are melted by the rays of the sun. Until the end of human life, he would love her.

In the fourth stanza, during their temporary separation, the speaker wants his beloved to have a decent life and a promising future. He makes her say goodbye. We find the speaker promising his love to return in the final two lines, even though the journey is too long (ten thousand miles) and takes a very long time.

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