Sharing Tradition by Frank LaPena Summary


Summary of the essay “Sharing Tradition by Frank LaPena ” Class 11 English

Here in this essay, the writer has presented the importance of tradition for the people of this world and its preservation through the oral tradition which is an art form. Here, LaPena has emphasized on our traditional and cultural values which are very much important for our bright future. According to him, we must listen to our elders to maintain our cultural and traditional norms and values. 


In this essay, LaPena has put forward his opinions in favour of oral its preservation. He has even talked about different factors which have affected oral tradition and created problems to maintain our culture and values. 


Frank LePena talks about the instance of oral tradition. In this essay, he keeps on telling all his readers about his experiences and thoughts related to oral tradition. According to him, the oral tradition refers to a form of art of human communication where knowledge, art, ideas and cultural material is received, preserved and transmitted orally from generation to generation. In other words, oral tradition is about passing on information related to cultures and values from generation to generation through oral means. This transmission is made through speech or song, folktales, ballads, chants, prose or verses etc. Oral tradition helps to maintain the values of the culture. The task of sharing tradition isn’t minor. The task of sharing tradition through oral means seems easy to talk and write but quite hard to practice. Here, both the elders and young people play a very vital role to maintain and preserve the values of the culture. The role of speakers (elders) and listeners (young people or followers) is very important. The knowledge of elders related to cultures, traditions, religions, and values must be listened and followed properly by young people. The elders share the traditions and various concepts related to culture and value to the young people. After the death of elderly people, young people have to fill up their places being responsible. They have to take responsibility for sharing tradition after elders through oral tradition to maintain cultures and values in their community. In this way, the oral tradition keeps on moving generation to generation preserving cultures and values. Young We can make elders alive maintaining their concepts of tradition and knowledge of life in the community. The concepts of elders move on generation to generation being immortal. 

Tradition keeps on moving ahead properly if we are aware of our culture. The lifestyle of elders, their concepts related to life, belief, religion, culture, value, etc. made them capable to acquire the ideal position in their life. They kept on sharing their tradition orally from generation to generation for the welfare of humanity. They showed the righteous paths to survive ahead. Their acts of sharing tradition were for the future of the coming generation and their life. 

Oral tradition is the educational tool for understanding this natural world. It is the proper way to secure the cultures and values of the people.

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