17 Shocking Facts About Newborn Babies You Must Know.

  1. Newborn babies do not have a knee cap, a crunchy bone does its job. Knee ligaments do not develop in newborns until 6 months of age.
  2. Babies born in May weigh 200 grams more than those born in other months.
  3. Babies cannot cry as soon as they are born and do not shed tears until they are three weeks old.
  4. At birth, babies have 300 bones, while adults have 206 bones. As they age, these bones adjust to each other.
  5. Eighty percent of babies are born with some special sign.
  6. Newborns hear as much as adults do. Similarly, the ability to see with the eyes is the same. However, the brain is not developed enough to analyze what is seen.
  7. Within a few weeks of birth, the baby can tell the difference between his mother and other people. However, the mother’s voice and smell can be recognized at birth.
  8. After a month, the babies start laughing.
  9. The record for the heaviest baby ever is held by an Italian child. Born in 1955, the baby weighed 22 pounds 8 ounces.
  10. At 6 months the baby’s weight doubles, it does not double at any other age.
  11. The way children communicate physically (bye-bye, clapping, showing up), then speaking in the same way.
  12. The signs of whether child will be right-handed or left-handed appear at an early age. If there are twins, 22 percent of children are more likely to be left-handed.
  13. At one year of age, a baby weighs three times as much.
  14. At one year of age, a child’s legs are half as small as those of an adult.
  15. Other than the baby’s eyes, other parts of the body grow.
  16. The baby sucks on the fingers while it is still in the womb.
  17. Indigenous people in Africa eat a food called yam (like sweet potato). That’s why it is believed that more twins will be born there.