The Wish by Roald Dahl Summary Class 11
The Wish by Roald Dahl Summary Class 11 English

Short Summary:

This short story “The Wish” has been written by an English writer Roald Dahl. This story is completely based on the imagination of the main character who is a child. This story has presented the imaginative acts of this main character in an imaginative game of a red carpet. This story itself is a fictitious story where the characters are unnamed. This story has also mentioned this main character’s mother at the end of the story. 

The title “The Wish” has created confusion among the readers. Here the main character has expected to get a puppy in his birthday after coming across the red carpet and reaching inside safely. But the long for the puppy in Birthday finishes as the child falls in the black spot of the carpet and loses his imaginative game. 


This story has presented the setting of house front door’s stairs and inside the hall where the huge red carpet has been placed. This imaginative game is about crossing the hall’s red carpet stepping on the right colours and been placed. This imaginative game is about crossing the hall’s red carpet stepping on the right colours and reaching inside from outside front door’s stairs. 

Main Summary:

In the very first scene, we find an unnamed child looking at his kneecap’s scab. He was sitting alone on his front door’s stairs. He had an old cut on his kneecap and its scab was brown. He bent forward to examine it closely.


After pondering much, he decided to pick that scab from his wound. He picked his scab gently with his nail and put it on his thigh. He rubbed his wound’s circle and flipped the scab with his finger. 


The scab fell upon the edge of the red carpet. When he moved near the scab, different colours of the carpet attracted his attention. He imagined different things in those colours of carpet. He creatively imagined a game plan using different colours of the carpet. In his imagination, he supposed the red coloured spots as the lump of coals, that could burn him. The black coloured spots were the poisonous snakes, that could bite him and leave him to die. The yellow coloured spots were only the safe zones for him where he could step and cross the huge carpet to get inside. If he could get inside, he would be gifted a puppy for his birthday. 

The child imagined very tough and terrible game plan to reach his goal (The Wish of completing his game and getting a puppy). The child started to move ahead in his imaginative game. He moved ahead stepping on the yellow coloured spots only. He kept on moving ahead very carefully stepping o the safe zone (Yellow colour). 


As he reached the halfway across, he started to wobble around. He balanced his body by waving his arms. He didn’t get a proper step ahead. He started to panic because there was no turning back due to his body position. The black coloured spots (Poisonous Snakes) ahead made him so panic. 


He remained there on the yellow safe zone for a long time. He waited and thought about the possible ways to move ahead. The fear of not getting the puppy compelled him to continue his way ahead. He made proper use of his mind, paused himself and stepped further quite carefully. 


Just a step ahead of the halfway, the child had to make a decision. He had to choose an option whether to move on the left or the right. 

The left side was more difficult for him to step, but there were less black spots there. So he decided to move ahead using the left side. 


He took his next step on the yellow spot. He happened to touch the black spot which was a centimetre close. He felt so panic because he was nearly going to be bitten by a snake. But his luck saved him.


Again he had an option to choose. He could have gone right but he went left instead because he feared about black poisonous snakes. 


In his imagination, the snake looked up to see if he touched it or not. In a very panic tone, the child said, “I’m not touching you! You mustn’t bite me! You know I’m not touching you!”

He continued his journey ahead. His next step was quite far. He decided to step slowly over. But when he jumped ahead, his feet fell on the spots so wide. He tried to get back but couldn’t. He tried to shift all his weight to his front foot, but he couldn’t. He was properly stuck. 


The snakes started stirring underneath his feet. He started to wobble being panic. He tried to balance himself by waving his arms however it didn’t work. He slowly started to fall towards the black. He gave a loud cry as he touched the black. His mother was looking for him far behind the house outside in the sunshine.

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