Guest blogging in nepal
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Have you ever heard of Guest Posting or Guest Blogging and it’s effects on your website SEO and rankings?

In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 guest posting sites in Nepal with high Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA). 

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting, also popularly known as guest blogging is the act of writing content, articles or blog posts for another’s website. 

When someone submit or write contents for other’s website accepting guest posts, he/she is a guest blogger and his/her writing is called guest post or guest bloggers. Guest posting is free as well as premium. What I mean to say is, you need to pay to write blog posts in some websites (usually very popular ones with higher DA and PA) and some websites provide you this oppurtunity for free.  

These days, Guest blogging is very popular not only in Nepal but all over the world. Many peoples are seeking to get traffic from big websites to their websites by doing guest posts. 

Why is Guest Posting Important?

Have you ever ranked on the first page of google as #1 search result. Probably not if you are new to the blogging world. Google uses more than 200 factors to rank or index results. Websites with high DA and PA rank higher than with low ones. Here are some Importances of Guest blogging:
  1. Helps to increase traffic back to your website
  2. More quality backlinks
  3. Helps to increase your website DA and PA 
  4. Increases your writing skills
  5. Helps to promote you and your brand
Guest blogging in nepal
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Top 10 Websites for Guest Posting in Nepal:

Website Introduction Post Types DA PA

Nepal 24 Hours is an online news service equipped with the latest media technologies and features the latest multimedia technologies, from live video streaming to audiovisual packages and searchable files of news features and background information. The site is continually updated throughout the day and night from the US and Nepal alike. News and Information 36 39

Ashesh’s Blog is the personal blog site of Nepali boy named Ashesh. Ashesh is a blogger, Programmer, Web-designer and a Writer. Nepali festivals, How to, Tips and Tricks, Technology, Smartphone and Tablets 26 49

OMG Nepal

OMG Nepal is a Nepal based online media portal. They produce stories about Nepal and Nepali culture. They promote the unseen faces of Nepal. They features cover stories of inspiring Nepali citizens from different fields of occupation along with the major issues of the society such as various outdated traditions, wrong practices, etc. Essays, videos, recipes, DIY hacks, opinions, cultural criticism 24 33

Students Nepal

Students Nepal is the online education platform where they provide courses, ideas and trainings about school subjects as well as IT and SEO courses. Education, fashion, health, travel 23 38


CricNepal is the Nepal’s Leading online Cricket News media and a digital cricket magaine. This site publishes news, articles, photos, live scores and blog related to Nepali and International Cricket. Cricket News, Articles, Photos and Videos 23 33

EcoNity Nepal

Econ-ity is a normal conversation stage for sharing a few points of view on political financial plans that are significant in the contemporary setting. It establishes both an online gathering (the blog) and an eye to eye conversation on the issue. Price hikes, business monopolies, strikes, politics, News 22 29

Nepal Holidays Trekking

Nepal Holidays Trekking is a websites which gives information to internal as well as external tourists about the places to visit in Nepal, Trekking Guide, Accomodation, Expenditure, Living and Tour Packages. Tourist Places, Travel Guides, Tourism Information 15 32

Niice Nepal

Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement (NIICE) is an autonomous, unopinionated, and non-sectarian research organization situated in Nepal, which convictions in opportunity, majority rule government and a world liberated from the struggle. We imagine a world, where wellsprings of uncertainty are recognized and perceived, clashes are forestalled or settled, and harmony is supported. Commentaries, Research Papers, Book Reviews 15 17

Place to Visit Nepal

Place to Visit Nepal is a stage made where all inquiries concerning Nepal get replied. In the event that you are arranging an excursion to Nepal, however you do not understand at all about what are some extraordinary vacationer locations in Nepal, what is the way of life like in Nepal, what are a few undertakings that are an absolute necessity to do in Nepal, what are things that you should shun doing, and so forth, this page has all answers. Tourist Places, Travel Guides, Tourism Information 5 9

Aim Everest

Aim Everest is a Directory and Review site for exceptionally guaranteed Travel Agencies and Agents in Nepal. Point Everest is predominantly centered around making a focal center point for all the movement sweethearts who love to invest energy with nature and are eager to investigate new places. Tourist Places, Travel Guides, Tourism Information 3 9