wp plugins for beginners
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W(caps)hen defined simply, the WordPress Plugin is an additional computer program module that can be integrated with WordPress to provide other functions that are not yet available on standard installations. This means that the plugin can be analogous to the onderdil motor. It is the parts of this motor that will optimize the performance of the motor to function properly.
There are so many plugins for WordPress from which beginners can choose. But not all plugins serve our purposes so it’s good to select the most universal or should I say “must-have” plugins especially for beginners on WordPress. Plugins are tools on WordPress that enable you to add some features like widgets and customize your blog with SEO among other features that enable you to navigate and transverse your site freely. 
To optimize your blog, there are several plugins that I consider important for you to use in the early stages. Its vital functionality makes me categorize the plugins below as “Mandatory Plugins”. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins for beginners. 

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    WordPress SEO by Yoast

    This plugin will make your blog more SEO Friendly. With this SEO plugin, you can be able to optimize your every post, page, and your entire website. This makes it one of the best SEO plugins. There are many SEO features that can be used to make your blog easier to find by search engine robots. And what’s more, this plugin is very easy to use.

    Google XML Sitemap

    In the SEO plugin By Yoast, there is actually an XML Sitemap feature, but I prefer to use the official plugin from Google. This plugin helps search engines like Google and Bing to rate and acquire the right sitemap for your site or blog. This plugin will automatically create your blog sitemap and then map each content for easy discovery by search engine robots.

    SEO Friendly Image

    Not a few people do image-based searches. Well, this plugin is useful for creating Title Attributes and ALT on images you post for easy detection by search engine robots.

    WP Smush. it

    This plugin serves to adjust the image size in your blog. Automatically or manually adjusted image sizes will make loading your blog better. In addition, it will also help you in saving hosting capacity.


    This plugin is installed automatically with WordPress. You may receive so many comments which are unnecessary for your website. These comments may have spam hence a threat to your site. Akismet plugin ensures that you are protected from such things. For this plugin to function well it also needs some upgrades done once in a while. Akismet is a plugin that becomes a fortress for your blog. By using this plugin, you will be able to spare spam comments and. When this plugin is already installed, you just have to activate it.

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a great plugin as it tracks your traffic and also some other statistics on your website. Some people may not include this plugin in the list of required plugins. Whereas by using this plugin, not only do we easily know the number of visitors, but we can also easily know the classification and behaviour of the tip. That way, we can know what writing style and what kind of look can make the reader feel at home and always want to come back.

    W3 Total Cache

    Loading the old web often makes us lose visitors. This will of course knock down the reputation of our blog. For you to be very competitive and make sure your blog has visitors now and then, it’s advisable to apply the W3 total cache plugin as it enables your site to be fast. When your site loads faster it gives visitors to your site moral to navigate through it. To do so, use W3 Super Cache to speed up your blog loading. 

    WP database backup

    It’s important to back up all your data so that if anything happens to your site you able to retrieve the data. WordPress database plugin backups data automatically but it’s also advisable to save your data somewhere else like on an SD.

    WP related post plugin

    This plugin helps visitors to your site find similar posts at the bottom of your post. This gives relevant content to that being searched.

    Contact form 7

    Since you have a contact page, it’s good to identify the best contact plugin like the contact form 7 plugin which is easy to use while creating contacts.

    Broken link checker plugin

    Sometimes when you enter a link and try to search for it you receive an error message. This plugin will sort this problem and ensure your link is always available online.

    Commentluv plugin

    This plugin helps you get in touch with fellow bloggers and creates traffic on both ends.

    Well, that’s 12 WordPress plugins that must be used at an early stage. 

    There are actually many other plugins that are also mandatory to use. But the plugins above are plugins that you must install at an early stage. 

    Other plugins should be installed when needed. With these wonderful plugins for WordPress beginners, definitely, you are good to go on WordPress for the efficient and effective operation of your blog and websites. 

    My advice, don’t use too many plugins, use them as needed. Too many plugins will only make web loading slow. In addition, your hosting capacity will also be further depleted.