The UK is the second most preferred study destination by international students.

It is mostly praised for offering a variety of programs including short courses allowing even those with limited funds to obtain a qualification at some of the UK’s top universities.

Also most of the UK’S degrees take shorter to complete than any other degrees in other countries.

That will help students and parents in saving on tuition  as well as living costs.

If you are considering experiencing the UK lifestyle and studying there then you are a step in the right direction.

You just need to know which university that best suits your needs and budget and most importantly which one offers the best of your needs.

Well, for that one you don’t have to look any further. Below we have compiled a list of the top six most rated universities in the UK and you will definitely find one that suits your needs and tastes.

1. Oxford University 

You probably have heard of this one. Oxford University is almost every student’s dream both local and international. 

It is the most historical University in the world and the oldest in the UK, located just a distance away from the city of London. 

Getting admitted at Oxford is very difficult as you have to beat lots of competition and also possess high levels of academic performance.

However, if you happen to enroll there then you should know that you are sorted for life.

Not only does it offer world class education but the name itself will be your ticket to better job opportunities.

Graduating at the University of Oxford is like winning the lottery as you will be highly sought after by employers.

Oxford is also home to international students and  63 percent of its post graduates are international students.

Also one third of its student body comprises international students which goes on to show how diverse the university is.

The University of Oxford mainly focuses on research programs varying from Humanities to Medicine.

Its alumni is very impressive as it has produced 27 prime Ministers in the UK.

If you are a talented student but have a bit of financial constraints then don’t lose hope at all. You can go on to apply for a scholarship as the university offers various scholarships based on merit.

You might be lucky and become one of the beneficiaries.

Another thing, if you are a fanatic fan of the Harry Potter series, then studying at Oxford will be a bonus as you will get to be at the very place where most of the scenes were filmed.

2. Cambridge University 

This is the second largest university in the UK.

Cambridge University is widely known for its high quality education and diverse programs. 

It is based in Cambridge, England.

It sits on number 3 in the top universities worldwide. 

Studying from there will be an advantage as it is even in the top 5 best universities in the world.

You will have an opportunity to learn with the best students from all over the country and also learn from the best lecturers.

Also getting a job after graduating won’t be a hassle as anyone would want to hire you after hearing the name Cambridge.

It also shelters a lot of international students and has scholarships and grants to help students with tuition fees.

3. University of Bristol

Located in the city of Bristol in England, the University of Bristol is ranked 51th in the world’s best Universities and also number 5th in the top ten universities in the UK

It has more than 23000 students from all over the world and boasts of offering high quality education.

This is made possible by its rich technology systems and abundant learning resources.

The University of Bristol was the first in the UK to participate in the Green Impact awards.

This shows how eco-friendly the university is and if you are one of those who supports Green Impact, then you should probably go to the University of Bristol.

Bristol was selected as the Greenest city in the UK in 2015 and also the most favorable city to work in.

If you are planning on working in the UK after finishing your studies then this city seems to be the way to go.

Also, you can be lucky to get a scholarship at this university as it spends around one million pounds in scholarships for international students.

This shows that the University is very hospitable and considerate for international students, so if you study there, you will have lots of other international students to associate with.

4. University of Kent

The University of Kent is a public university based in Kent. It is well known for its diversified fast-paced lifestyle.

The University of Kent has lots of international students and also promotes cultural diversity by observing international holidays like Thanksgiving, Holi and the Chinese New Year .

This shows how tolerant the University is on international cultures and how accommodating they are.

You will never feel homesick if you study at Kent University as you will be able to meet lots of people from your hometown and also get to celebrate some of your favorite festivals.

The University of Kent also offers scholarships to international students some of which are  partial whilst other covers full tuition.

5. Durham University 

This is among the oldest universities in the UK and is located in Durham,  North East of England. 

The University of Durham prides itself for offering over 200 courses in 26 departments. From this number I believe you will find your dream program.

It is also ranked 74th in the world’s best Universities and has about 18 000 students.

The University of Durham welcomes students from all countries and also helps with scholarships to those who need them.

Some of the most known scholarships offered  by this university are the Durham Doctoral Studentship, Christopher Moyes Memorial Foundation and the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth scholarships, etc. Most of these scholarships are awarded to the fields of Human and Physical Geography so if you aspire to study in that field you are likely to get a scholarship from there if you apply.

The other advantage of studying at Durham University is because of its high graduate employability rate and its impressive research studies.

Studying at this university will make you more employable so don’t miss this opportunity and start applying now.

6. University of College London 

The University of College London is ranked the best on small class sizes. Apparently, on average, it has  9 students per teacher.

This helps in effective deliverance of knowledge since crowded lecture rooms are hard to teach.

Also, it is known for its innovative knowledge delivered by well seasoned lecturers.

Studying at this university guarantees you the best quality education that you want, increasing your chances of getting a job after studying.

It is the first university in the UK to welcome students from other countries, race, religion or background.  This is why most students prefer this university as it is very accomodating for international students.

Even its courses consist of internationally relevant topics showing how committed they are in delivering relevant and realistic education to everyone.

This university features in the Top Ten QS World University rankings so you don’t have to ask yourself if it’s worth it.

These rankings show how good the university is and how relevant their programs are, so you will always obtain a prestigious degree from this university and its degrees are globally recognised too so you will be employable everywhere around the world.


Studying in the UK can give you an experience of a lifetime. Starting from a fast-paced lifestyle in Kent, exploring the city of London and having to study at the world’s renowned universities.

There is a variety of courses to choose from starting from short courses to degree programs and the good news is that most of their degree programs take only 3 years to complete. This is different from the popular 4 years among other universities so studying in London will help you obtain a prestigious qualification in a shorter period of time. 

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