Summary of Two Little Soldiers

Chapter 6: Two Little Soldiers by Guy de Maupassant Summary in English Class 11

This short story “Two Little Soldiers” is a triangular love story which has been written by a French writer Guy de Maupassant. The story is about a bizarre triangular love which has a completely unexpected result at the end. This story shows the compatibility of friendship and romantic love with change, discontent, conflict, betrayal and jealousy. This story has presented the setting of Courbevoie, a town on the outskirts of Paris in the Fench countryside. The main characters here in this story are two French soldiers named Luc Le Ganidec and Jean Kerderen.



Both soldiers, Luc Le Ganidec and Jean Kerderen were quite good friends of each other. Among them, Jean Kerderen was a bit quiet and shy whereas Luc Le Ganidec was carefree and open-minded. Every Sunday, both of them spent their holiday away from their barracks out in the countryside. They enjoyed their holidays in a little wood which was located at the end part of Bezons. During their journey towards Bezons, they used to walk so fast without chatting. 

They would stop for several minutes at Bezons’s bridge to enjoy the river Seine and its white surging sails. They would bend over the railing of the bridge to enjoy the scene of the river. This particular river reminded them of their homes. They would buy their essential provisions like bread, wine etc from stores after moving across the bridge. Finally, after crossing the village, they would reach a little forest, the area which reminded them of their homeland Plounivon. Both of them would enjoy a lot in that peaceful environment quite. away from the noise of the town.


One day, both soldiers met a young milkmaid who was taking her cow to the pastor to milk. Next Sunday, the milkmaid talked to them while moving towards the pastor along with her cow. When she returned, she shared her coeds milk to them. They talked again about various things. She promised to meet both of them the following Sunday. 

The next weekend, Jean Kerderen suggested Luc Le Ganidec that they should provide present to the. milkmaid. Both of them decided and bought bonbon for her. When they met her the next Sunday, they became quite shy to tell her about the present. 

Finally, Luc Le Ganidec revealed her about the present and Jean Kerderen provided her bonbon. She became quite happy to receive candy from the soldiers. As weeks passed by, the milkmaid became the topic of conversation for both soldiers in the barracks. Every time, they used to talk about her. After more meetings, these three people became quite good friends of each other. The milkmaid also started providing them with breakfast items in their meetings.


Luc Le Ganidec started leaving the barracks time and again. He left the barracks on Tuesday and appeared back quite late. He left the barracks again on Friday. He borrowed money from Jean Kerderen but offered him no explanations related to his leave. He kept on leaving the barracks for several hours in a day time and returned barracks during the night. Jean didn’t know about Luc’s activities outside the barracks.



Next Sunday, when the girl appeared with her cow, she became quite happy to see Luc Le Ganidec. She rushed up to Luc Le Ganidec. She embraced and kissed Luc Le Ganidec. She didn’t pay attention to Jean Kerderen. Both Luc Le Ganidec and milkmaid disappeared in the wood for a long time. Sitting alone, Jean Kerderen became quite desperate. He couldn’t understand anything about their acts. He felt his heartbroken. He realized his liking

towards the girl. He even realized the fact behind Luc’s acts of leaving barracks for several hours. He felt himself fool. When they returned, both lovers kissed again. The milkmaid didn’t even provide milk to Jean that day.


While returning to barracks, Jean was feeling quite upset. When they stopped just over the bridge, Jean Kerderen leaned much over the bridge’s railing being so sad. He couldn’t balance his body over the railing in desperation. He fell into the river all of a sudden. Luc Le Ganidec shouted for help being panic but no one was there. He only saw Jean’s head for the last time. After that, Jean’s body disappeared into the water. Later on, his dead body was found by boatmen that day. Being so nervous and sad, Luc Le Ganidec informed about Jean’s accident in his barracks.

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